Mike Owen – CPA License Status

For Immediate Release: 9/13/17

Auditor Candidate Mike Owen Addresses CPA License Status

CAMERON PARK, CA – El Dorado County Auditor-Controller Candidate Mike Owen has been made aware of several rumors addressing his CPA license status being inactive. He was contacted earlier by a reporter with the Mountain Democrat where he informed the reporter that his license is not required to be “active” until the March 2018 filing deadline as specified by State law.

El Dorado County Auditor – Controller Mike Owen stated: “I find it amazing that we are focusing on the current status of my license before I even file, instead of focusing on the real issues regarding this race.”

Converting a CPA license in an inactive status back into an “active” requires the completion of the following requirements pursuant to section 80.1 of the CBA Regulations (Title 16, California Code of Regulations): A licensee who has wishes to renew his/her license may convert the license to an active status completing a total of 80 hours of continuing education (CE) during the 24-month period prior to converting to active status, including 4 hours of mandatory ethics training.

Owen further stated, “I started the process of updating my CPA license to “Active” before I made the decision to run for office.”

Mike Owen enjoyed a long and successful career as a CPA in Silicon Valley both auditing and working for major companies. He’s currently a successful businessman and employer in El Dorado County. Because he has never been a “career politician”, he is looking forward to focusing on the issues that plague El Dorado County and the Auditor-Controller’s Office specifically.