Taxpayers have a reasonable interest in understanding and observing how their financial contributions to the County are spent. There is increasing demand for visibility into decisions that affect the long-term quality of life for themselves and future residents. The sheer number of stakeholders and number of meetings and check-points related to any decision, large or small, is daunting for the average County citizen, who is necessarily focused on living their lives and providing for their families. Those ordinary citizens rely on an open and transparent decision making process to protect their tax dollars and their interests.

Mike understands that the way that financial information is traditionally presented is in a very dense and difficult to understand format. Taxpayers and stakeholders have a reasonable expectation of accessibility and visibility into the data related to budgets, payments and vendor selections. Mike feels strongly that the implementation of the County’s new financial system will provide great strides towards the common goal of process and decision-making transparency. Bottom line—accurate data made visible in a timely manner makes for better decisions.