The business of running our County is comprised of an elaborately coordinated set of processes designed to carefully guard and accurately allocate the limited resources available. There will always be more demands on financial resources than funds available to address those needs. The Auditor-Controller leads the financial arm of the County and is charged with processing of transactions and creation of status reports in an accurate and timely manner. In order to address the goals of efficiency, accuracy and timeliness of transactions processing and reporting, our County has invested many millions of our funds to update our antiquated computer system.

As Auditor-Controller, Mike will be in a position to provide experienced, hands-on leadership to the conversion process based on his proven experience in upgrading financial systems in large, complex organizations. Mike’s training as a CPA, background in the high-tech industry and proven experience as a small business owner speak to a career of successfully employing a “we can do it” and “let’s get it done” approach. Mike can be counted upon to lead an organization that will operate by identifying key goals and meeting those goals in a timely manner.