In El Dorado County, community is our biggest asset. Our richly varied community is renown for its ties to our history and our truly unique origins, our love of the bountiful natural resources that surround us and our proud history of caring for our own. Like all communities, there is continual pressure to change being exerted from both inside and outside forces. As our community grows, it faces the twin challenges of integrating new members in a nurturing way while maintaining the ‘small town’ feel that many of us have grown to know and love.

Mike is all about community, having returned to his origins after a successful career in Silicon Valley to run a manufacturing business focused on El Dorado County agriculture. His proudest accomplishments are bringing his family back to the County, creating jobs that provide a living wage in an economically depressed area, donating to literally hundreds of community causes and creating a venue that displays some of the best aspects of our community. Mike intends to serve at the pleasure of the community and for the benefit of the community.