10 Things I Would Do Differently

10 Things I Would Do Differently as Auditor-Controller

Recently I’ve been asked: “What would you do differently if elected as El Dorado County Auditor-Controller?”

And after listening to countless stories from real people effected by the problems & culture that have become pervasive within the current administration, & reading the findings from the El Dorado County Grand Jury—Here are 10 Things I Would Do Differently as Auditor-Controller:

  1. Pay vendors and employees on time as per invoice  and contractual obligations
  2. Assume leadership and ownership of the new financial system (FENIX)
  3. Perform work for Special Districts in a way that fosters cooperation and efficiency
  4. Create and provide timely and insightful analysis to the Board of Supervisors and other stakeholders as requested
  5. Support, lead and demand a work environment that respects employees and managers
  6. File reports with the State and Federal Governments in a timely manner in order to protect and preserve external funding sources for the County
  7. Establish a formal Audit Committee for the County as required by Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS) and the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB)
  8. Involve Senior County Officials and Board of Supervisor members in the Independent Audit process
  9. Refuse to accept large political contributions from out-of-area real estate developers
  10. Cooperate fully in the case of requests or inquiries from the El Dorado County Grand Jury
My response may come to a surprise for those who don’t work with or operate within our County government. And my goal is not to attack anyone, nor come across negative. I’m running to bring Positive & Common-Sense Changes to our County government. However, the first step needed to implement any change is to admit that there are problems that need addressing.


Facts Matter.

Don’t just believe me—please do your own research—Google the current El Dorado Auditor-Controller & read what you find.

Here are just a few…

Video Clips:





Grand Jury Reports:

2015-2016    https://www.edcgov.us/government/grandjury/report%202015-2016/documents/Fenix%20Report%20Web.pdf

2014-2015   https://www.edcgov.us/government/grandjury/report%202014-2015/documents/Putting%20Political%20Gain%20Above.pdf


2013-2014    https://www.edcgov.us/government/grandjury/report%202013-2014/documents/13-20%20Charter%20Review.pdf

Sac Bee Article:


…It’s time for some Positive Changes.